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Bebe Desi Khand 400g (Pack of 4 pcs)



Bebe Desi Khand is made from best cane grown in fertile doab region irrigated by Ganges canal.It is pure, natural and traditionally made.It has loads of nutritional & medicinal benefits.

Benefits of Bebe Desi Khand :

  • Pure,Natural with loads of nutrients
  • Easily disoluble
  • A healthy alternate to white sugar
  • Great in taste; High souce of Energy

Usage: Replace the white sugar with this.Sweeten your tea, Milk,Coffee or any other beverage with Jaggery powder.Relish it with Ghee or malai or Dahi It can be used for many recipe.

Dosage instructions : Moderate quantity.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool & dry place

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