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Jaggery just good for weight loss or more

Jaggery just good for weight loss or more

India is a place where sweets are popular and considered a sign of purity – so much so that it’s used right from God’s worship to the celebration of any occasion. But consuming sugar at an extreme level can lead to various health issues, leading up to several severe health conditions. However, Jaggery is one of the sweets that is loved by people across this country. Desserts made of Jaggery are both delicious and healthy at the same time. The health benefits that sugar cane juice can provide are plenty. Did you know Jaggery can play an important role in your weight loss program? No? Well, do check out this blog then!

Lose Weight:

Natural sugar contains high calories, which can lead to weight gain frequently. Body fat harbour uncountable diseases, including diabetes. You might get tired of buying new clothes often because the old ones refuse to fit. It is a very concerning situation from which you need to get out soon, but how can Jaggery help in that? Well, Jaggery isn’t is as simple as you think it is.

Let us throw some facts below and you would know what we are talking about:

    • Jaggery can increase your body’s metabolism rate, so it can burn the remaining harmful calories that were about to add up to your weight. The reason behind it is- the presence of potassium in this sweet ingredient.
    • Jaggery contains low-calories and antioxidants. The digestive system can cope up with this delicious, sweet ingredient. The digestive enzymes inside the system get activated by Jaggery, accomplishing your sweet craving at the same time.
    • The weight gain triggering toxins also gets eliminated by Jaggery, working as a detox. It cleanses your blood from toxins. It also prevents several diseases that accumulate from impurities of the blood.
    • Potassium and zinc in Jaggery can help your body to maintain the electrolyte balance. Water retention reduces by this mouth-watering sweet, supporting your weight loss.
    • Jaggery is also known to keep you feel full for longer times, hence you don’t get hungry frequently and eat less food and ultimately lose weight.
Beautiful Skin:

Losing weight should never come at a loss. In the quest of losing weight some people totally forget about taking essential minerals and vitamins. This results in dull skin. But Jaggery can help you keep your skin beautiful. How?

    • As we have mentioned earlier, the elements present in Jaggery purify your blood; this can prevent skin rashes. Clear blood promotes beautiful, glamorous skin even during your weight loss program.
    • When the water retention is well-balanced by the potassium and zinc of Jaggery, your skin looks more natural. It prevents dry skin, eliminating chances of rash. It keeps acne, pimples, and wrinkles away from your skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots will say goodbye to your hydrated skin. So, you don’t have to worry when the fat underneath your skin is reducing.
    • Jaggery is full of minerals and vitamins that promote beautiful skin, providing nourishment. Eating Jaggery every day can bring back the glamour and glow to your skin.
Blood Purification:
    • Potassium and zinc purify the blood by removing the toxins. They also boost haemoglobin count, which creates the proper balance in your blood, fighting the unwanted bacteria in the blood. A low level of haemoglobin can weaken your body’s resistance against any disease and disorders. Jaggery will not only higher the metabolism rate but also prevent diseases.
    • Jaggery also maintains the red blood cell level in your blood, so it is passively preventing anaemia. The reason behind it is the presence of iron in this food. Iron feeds the red blood cells, so if you have anaemia, you can eat Jaggery.
    • The hormonal misbalance during periods often increase weight. During periods, women can eat Jaggery to promote health by bringing the best of inside their body.
High Energy:
    • Sugar is a source of calories but harmful for diabetic patients. It also triggers weight gain so that you can replace it with Jaggery easily. It is not only low caloric but even tastier than sugar. Your exercise routine will go well when you have high energy.
    • You can gain your required energy from Jaggery instead of sugar contained food. The complex carbohydrate of Jaggery gets absorbed into your blood, longing your energy level and lasting time. So, when your weight is reducing, you can gain energy from Jaggery.
Eliminates Seasonal Disease and Discomfort:
    • As winter arrives, people tend to suffer from cold and cough. Jaggery can purify your blood, increase haemoglobin, remove toxins, etc., preventing germs from entering your body. So, your body immunity stays strong while you are out running and losing weight.
    • Excessive cold can even cause joint pain. You cannot exercise when you have joint pain. Try some hot milk with date juice Jaggery made by Bebe Foods. We understand it’s hard to resist drinking the delicious date tree juice in this weather, but the wonders Bebe Jaggery will do is incomparable.

We believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s words – “it is health that is the real wealth.” Eat the right food to prevent unwanted diseases. We deliver freshly made Jaggery, packed with care, right to your doorstep. The taste of our products will surely lead you to buy more! Learn more about our products by clicking here.