Why Choose Bebe Foods?

Offlate intake of white sugar directly or indirectly has increased leading to rise in obesity related diseases. 75 Years back our forefathers were not grappling with these diseases reason. There was no sugar mill in pre independence era. They relished Jaggery & Desi Khand but with time Jaggery became a poor cousin of White sugar.

Bebe Foods wants to tun back the clock to make Jaggery available & affordable for all. We at Bebe Foods forayed into jaggery & zeroed down fertile doab land in Northern India to procure the best sugarcane. This belt is largely irrigated by mineral rich water of river Ganges canal.

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‘Started as Jaggery Manufacturers with a vision of shaping a Healthy world’

The first thing that comes to our mind when we express‘sweet’ is sugar. What we do not know is that consumption of purified white sugar can lead to various health issues like obesity, inflammation, and risk of diabetes.

To get rid of that sweet tooth is not that easy, and there is no need to, we have the ideal healthier alternative. Jaggery is the best alternative for white sugar.

  • Jaggery is made from the sugarcane juice by boiling the juice & concentrating it.
  • Juice is clarified with Natural cleanser -Sukhlai unlike White sugar where phosphorous,sulphur & other chemicals are used for clarification.
  • Since it is not centrifuged molasses remains intact in Jaggery.
  • On account of molasses Jaggery remain highly nutritious & vital vitamins and mineral remains intact in Jaggery.
  • Unlike sugar jaggery has a unique taste and a mild flavour.

It makes sweets even more delicious, and our natural jaggery powder is rich in essential minerals, and even a little part of jaggery is remarkably satisfying.

Our jaggery powder (Shakker) is rich of vitamins and minerals not found in sugar, such as phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, Thiamine,Niacin and calcium.

Bebe foods jaggery powder is sold online all over India.

Bebe jaggery is completely nutritious and healthier alternative to sugar and other artificial sweeteners. It can be used as a sweetener for your coffee, tea, or desserts. You can replace the sugar with jaggery powder for a more nutritional choice. Eating a teaspoon of jaggery powder after meals can cleanse your body, prevent constipation and boost your immunity.

Our organic approach and chemical free jaggery powder is made from sustainably farmed sugarcane in fertile doab land of Gangetic plain in India. The sugarcane juice is cleansed, boiled, cooled, and crystallized hygienically & naturally, without the help of any chemicals or additives. We have the best manufacturiing facility. A non-refined sweetener with a caramelized taste-natural jaggery powder is used in many Indian sweets, salad dressings, marinades, and beverages.

Jaggery can be found in both solid & powdered form.Bebe jaggery comes in small cubes which are convininet and easy to use.The jaggery powder get instantly dissolved in any beverage or food items with ease.

We have the widest range of Jaggery.We were pioneer to introduce flavoured jaggery like Fennel Jaggery,Cardamom Jaggery, Immunity Booster jaggery,Turmeric jaggery,Moringa Jaggery .
Bebe Foods was first to bring jaggery & Desi khand in sachets.
Not only sugarcane jaggery we ensure round the year availability of Palm & Coconut jaggery & Honey i.e wide range of Healthy sweeteners in lieu of White sugar.

Jaggery (Gur) has been used in Indian Ayurveda for the past 3,000 years in medicine. As per Ayurveda, the consumption of jaggery, in any form, is quintessential as it encourages good digestion. We at Bebe Foods are here to provide chemical-free jaggery powder with authentic nutritional and medicinal properties. It is more useful for your health and your family.

You can Google and buy Bebe jaggery by searching jaggery powder online, palm jaggery online, and jaggery online.

It is available offline also & our endeavour is to make it available across channels round the year.

There are lot many recipe one can make from jaggery.Virtually you can replace white sugar with jaggery & Desi khand in all food or bakery item.

So next time sweeten your life with Bebe jaggery for healthy you and your family.